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District News


Dear Parents and Guardians:

RE: Aeries Communications Annual Notification


We are excited to let you know that Siskiyou Union High School District is adopting a new communication platform called Communications, available to you through your Aeries Parent Portal. You may have already received notifications from your school site using this tool. Aeries Communications is an easily customizable program where you, the parent, can choose your prefered form of contact between you and your child’s teacher and school -- email, phone calls, and/or text messaging.  You can even send and receive direct messages with your child’s teacher straight from email or through your Aeries portal.  All of these options will be available in your preferred language!


We’ve attached links to instructional videos and documents to help with your next steps:

  • Get Started right away by logging into your Aeries portal and click on Communications.

  • Once inside, you can customize your preferences

  • Respond Start (or Stop) to the opt-in text message


  • Simply let all communication land in your inbox


If you have any questions, please consult your site secretary.


Best Regards,


Michael Matheson




Current Employment Opportunities


Siskiyou Union High School District has the following open positions. All applications must be submitted through EDJOIN at:




For Spring 2018:


Mt. Shasta High School-Track & Field Coach

Mt. Shasta High School- Golf Coach Volunteer

Weed High School- Track & Field Coach


And for Fall 2018:

  • Happy Camp High School-Football Coach and Volleyball Coach;
  • Mt. Shasta High School-Vars. Lead Football Coach;
  • Weed High School-Vars. & Frosh/Soph Volleyball.

Request for Proposal

2018 E-Rate Ruckus Wireless RFP (SUHSD).pdf


2018 E-Rate Ruckus Wireless RFP (SUHSD)



REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Notice is hereby given that Siskiyou Union HSD of Mt. Shasta, California, will receive proposals for: NETWORK EQUIPMENT for Mt. Shasta High School. All proposals shall be submitted to Jeffrey Phelps, Technology Coordinator, jphelps@sisuhsd.net on or before January 18, 2018 at 3:00 PM PST. The RFP can be downloaded from the USAC EPC website https://portal.usac.org/suite/ and from the Siskiyou Union HSD website at http:www.sisuhsd.net. The Form 470 number is 180009656.  Siskiyou Union HSD reserves the right to reject any and all informal bids and any and all items of such informal bids. Please see attachment for the complete RFP document.