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Further Resources
Employee Annual Notifications
The District shall provide employees with the following notifications annually and obtain signed acknowledgements that the notifications were received.

Click on all links below, sign where designated, and return the forms to the District Office or to your site secretary.

Memorandum and Oath of Allegiance. Employee's signature on these two forms acknowledges that you have reviewed each of the following notifications:

Child Abuse Reporting
Exposure Control Plan For Bloodborne Pathogens
Buildings/Groundskeeper & Custodial Staff - Only: Hepatitis B Vaccine Declination form
Bus/Van Drivers - Only:
Policy for Alcohol & Controlled Substance Testing
- Drug & Alcohol Affidavit
- Drug-Free Workplace
Tobacco-Free School
Employee Use of Technology
Physical Fitness Equipment Use Form
Prohibition of Sexual Harassment
Uniform Complaint Procedure
403 b Participation Notification
Sustainability Recommendations
Sexual Harassment AR 4119.11 4219.11 4319.11