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Teaching and learning in the 21st Century requires careful attention to the needs of 21st Century learners, as well as our rapidly changing world. Skills in communication, collaboration and problem solving are needed more today than ever. As part of our initiative to grow 21st Century learners, the Siskiyou Union HSD has positioned itself to begin blending in online learning activities and online courses for students.

For the 2012-13 school year, the Siskiyou Union High School District is in the process of working with teachers from our various school sites to develop a series of courses that will be available to students in an online format. These online courses will be available to students across the district as academic or elective options. The addition of these online courses will increase course options for all students and provide them with more flexibility with their individual schedules. Students will be able to take these courses as part of their regular schedule or in addition to their regular schedule. Students who elect to take online courses will still need to meet the minimum requirements of instructional courses that each campus must maintain with their students. Please consult with your site counselors or administrators to determine the configuration of your specific schedule. Limited space is available for these courses.

Our online course offerings will be designed and taught by our own teaching staff. They will include structured and interactive lessons, assignments, projects, discussions, and assistance with the course content and necessary skills. Students will be able to access these courses from school or home computers.

The following is the list of courses that we are currently planning for the 2012-13 school year:

AP U.S. History Jeff Westcott
Accounting Bright Nichols-Stock
Business Fundamentals Josh Oates
Culinary Arts Yolanda Sanchez-Alves
Film Studies (2nd sem) Monika VanBaren
Honors English II Toni Erro
Personal Finance (1st Sem) Bright Nichols-Stock
Physical Education (P.E.) Steve Neel
Senior English Alysia Garcia
Skills for Living (1st sem) Monika VanBaren
Surviving Tech (2nd Sem) Bright Nichols-Stock
World History Mary Jo Coffman

If you are interested in one of these course options, please consult with your school site counselor and administrator to determine if this is the right option for you and that your choices will gain you the appropriate graduation and college entrance requirements you are seeking.